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Have you seen any artist’s dancing in the video clip or movie?
“if I could dance like that”, “if I could lose my weight”,
“I would like to have a shaped body but don’t like hard workouts”,
“I am willing to be a famous dancer or singer” etc,
our experienced professional instructors will assist your dream to comes true.
All levels from absolute beginners to advanced as well as the holiday course and performance course are offered in different styles throughout the year.
You can learn the latest steps, moves and techniques from our professional choreographers who have been working for many TVs and singers.
[Age Limit: Over 13s years old]


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Now, in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, kids dance class is very popular.
The child has a lot of potential and a very strong a understanding ability to absorb the new thing, The bodily growth speed is quick, flexibility good and so on. Regarding of the child, we have the ultra primary curriculum to carry on instruction. After this, the child may also rise into intermediate and higher curriculum to study. Also the student who has special talents is having a chance to become a specialized young dancer.
Our objective is to raises a child’s potential, the child to realize their own dream.
[Age limit: 6 - 12 years old]


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Regarding the growing child, this time is periods.
According to this, our teacher will teach various movements by music to the child to raises rhythm.
This education curriculum’s goal is the relaxed joyful teaching method, training the child to be interested in movement.
[Age Limit: 4 - 5 years old]


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