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What’s ANZAS Entertainment Dance School?

ANZAS Entertainment Dance School newly established in Beijing has the world-class professional standard instructor line-up.
We are teaching based in a small class that make you feel comfortable to join.
We are offering different kinds of courses for different levels, such as primary, exercise for professionals. We specially have prepared the growth-promotion education curriculum for the baby.
To solve the issue of lack of regular exercise and training a nice body, Cosmetology and so on, we also have prepared Yoga and Pilates course.
We will use three languages (Japanese, English, Chinese) to teach, so you can improve your language skill in the lesson. There are no age limits, regarding the higher level student, not only may obtain success in the music video, television, concert, major-type activity and other performance opportunities, but may also make your show business dream.
ANZAS Entertainment is the right dance school for you. We really welcome you to join us!

Unique Characteristics of the School

ANZAS Entertainment Dance School is different in here!!
  • 1. Japanese-style administration
    The customer can be assured of our high quality services and enjoy the highest level dance training.
  • 2. Professional dance instructor
    Our instructors are all top level dancers from Japan, Australia and China. Every dancer is very experienced and is world class, such as Tsuyoshi, who has more than 10 years experience as a professional choreographer. Another female talented, famous and professional choreographer is Asuka.
  • 3. A shortcut to the debut
    We also provide an active opportunity to those students who have the ability as a professional. We help them to realize their dreams.
  • 4. International dance study environment
    Our instructor will use 3 languages to teach, which means you can improve your English, Japanese and Chinese in this international atmosphere dance class.
  • 5. Society contribution
    Aiming to children and young people’s education, our goal for the contribution to society is to encourage international cultural exchange and grass-roots communications of the society by being a part of the educational field.

Anzas Entertainmentダンススクールとは?



  • 1.日系企業運営
  • 2.講師陣は現役プロダンサー
  • 3.デビューへの近道
  • 4.ダンスを通じた自然な語学学習
  • 5.社会貢献


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[studio] 北京天海商務大厦C座1階112-116室
[tel, fax] +86 010 6400 1770
[email] info@anzas-yule.com.cn
http://anzas-yule.com.cn (English and Japanese)
http://anzas_dance.blog.163.com (Chinese)

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